Should I give up on my first love?

Should I give up on my first love? so me and my ex dated for six moths we met first semester of college yet second semester he went home for school. we live two hours apart and other than the distance our relationship was pretty great for him too.. he would always talk about how happy he was. we got into a minor agrument because he couldnt Skype me and i just felt like cancelling a Skype call is like being stood up on a date. we went to days with minimum conversation and the second day he told me he had been thinking... so i asked what he was thinking and he says its not gonna work, its not fair either of us and that he just can't anymore. I still love him (it's been a week) he was my first love and i wanted to give myself to him (virginity) i just want him back.. he has yet to say he doesn't have feelings for me or doesn't love me anymore... what do you guys think there is still hope


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  • If there is no problem do not break up.

    • He broke up with me...

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  • Move on. There is no hope. Hope is dead.


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