I'm so confused and starting to think everything is my fault. Please help?

Me and my boyfriend of 10 months just broke up. 2 days before he sent me message saying how much he loved me, and that he'd never leave me. He called me when he did it too and explained why. He hasn't been happy in 2 months. He talked about how we have nothing to talk about, and never got to go anywhere. He was just bored. We would always argue over stupid, petty things. Jealousy and mostly over me saying he never spent as much as with me as he use to. Which is true. But I know guys need their friend time. I would always ask him if he loved me, if he was leaving me, and ask if he was okay. I was always so worried about him. He'd get really annoyed with it. It's just that I have issues from my last relationship. We got back together the same day, and the next morning I woke up, he said he was scared that we couldn't fix ourselves, then he just left again. He said it would help us mature. I told him I would fix myself, and make myself a better person. Which I did. I woke up thinking positive. Not even getting jealous over anything, because I keep thinking he loves me, he'd never do that. He left saying he wanted to be best friends with memories, because he wanted me in his life. He also tried to make me promise that if we didn't find anyone else during the summer or the year, we'd date again. He said he still really loves me, but doesn't know about a relationship.
I'm so confused and starting to think everything is my fault. Please help?
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