Why is my ex acting weird?

He broke up with me about 6 months, however I never got over him. And I knew he wasn't over me either, because he told me. We don't really know why we aren't together. Now, he's dating someone else, and I respect that, but today in class we started talking(he came to me) and we were listening to my ipod, and he played a song I really like, and we started to talk about "Dear John." Then he wrote something, and it said, "Do you ever think about how would it be if we were still together?" And I said, "Sometimes." "Really?" "Yeah." " Then how come you treat me like I'm just another guy?" Then I just told him that he was the one who ended it, because I was too "shy." I don't know what to do. He asked me who I like because I go to the baseball games, why does he care? I still have feelings for him I'm not gonna lie, But he's forbidden. Now, I just feel really guilty, because his girlfriend is a really nice person:( Help me!


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  • I'd say that you should mainly be careful, if he has dumped you once before there is a chance it could happen again. Also, if he does leave his girlfriend to be with you there's a chance that some of your friends might not be too happy with you. Also, she would be pretty upset too :(

    If you think you could live with those things and that he would stay with you ask yourself if you think he is worth the effort. When you have a crush on someone it seems like they are the only person who matters, but you mustn't forget that there ARE other boys out there, as good if not better!

    I'll say it again, if you think it's worth it, go for it, and I wish you good luck, but you have to keep in mind there will likely be consequences.

    • Yeah. Thanks, I don't think he's worth it. That same week like three days later, he and his girlfriend broke up, and um I was going to his baseball game, and one of my friends was asking him if he wanted his girlfriend back and he said, "Yes, I do." infront of me, so to me he denied his feelings for me!! So, I left the moments he said that, and didn't turn around, because I was crying. So yeah, they got back together, but that just showed me what kind of guy he really is:( Thank you so much!! :D

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