What would you guys do if your ex wanted you back?

Would you give him/her another chance?

Or if its over its over?

give your experiences so it helps me out a little more:p

thanks :)


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  • When my boyfriend and I broke up, he came back three weeks after we broke up, and I did give him another chance, and we've been happy ever since, and things are better than they were before. We've been together for almost 7 months now. But our break up didn't last long at all, and of course in three weeks, my feelings for him were still there, and he said that he was in love with me, but I think if he waited longer to apologize and ask me to take him back, and my feelings for him weren't there anymore, I don't think I would have.

    • Alright well me and my ex have been together for 11months and he hasn't talked to me in over 4months but resently started talking to me and now wants me back but only starting in the summer because he wants to get school over with.. what do you think?

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    • Yes I do want him back but at the same time I don't want to get hurt.. I'm scared of getting my heart broken again. He ruined my last year of high school so maybe not.. but before I say no I should kind of put him on the spot and ask him a bunch of questions.

    • Yeah, talking it out would help a lot. That's what my boyfriend and I did, actually. I almost forgot about that.

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  • For all my ex's in the past? Nope. Future ex's, it depends on the breakup and why it happened.


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  • If my ex wanted me back, I'd have to blow him off because I've moved passed all the stupid lies and big arguments and ect. And now, I'm in the best relaionship of my life, and in love, and I'm not gonna let some low-life dude ruin it..

    • But what if you were still in love with your ex? would you still move on or give it another shot?

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    • Yeah your right.. well I'm kind of in that situation but not really. like when me and my ex broke up I started talking to this guy and wtvr we did hookup a few times and he liked me but I said I wasn't ready for a new relationship and that I didn't like him like that(because I realized I didn't like him in that way.) anyways, now were friends and I had talked to him and I said that I would never go bak with my ex:s so if I go back with my ex how would I tell him?:s or should I even go back to my ex?!

    • Well it all depends on what you think the poutcome is going to be of you and your ex.. Either good? or bad?.. But to tell your friend that you hooked up with that your going back out with your ex might be hard to do, but you just gotta tell your friend why you changed your mind and what made you want to let him back into your life. And he might think you're doing the wrong thing, but it's all about what you believe_ at heart..

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