I broke up with him — was it a mistake?

After taking over 2 years to get over my ex, I met someone. Someone I actually connected with, was attracted to, respected me, made me laugh, made me happy. I fell hard because I hadn't met anyone since my ex who made me feel the way he made me feel. I love him, even though were only made it to 4 months.

I broke up with him last night. I'm sad, heartbroken for sure. I think I did the right thing — for me. But maybe I'm wrong. Please, let me know what you think...

Yesterday, he told me he wanted a break. He said he wasn't sure he could give me what I needed: love. He said he loved me, but wasn't in love with me (at least he didn't think he was). He said he needed time/space to think about his feelings, that he was confused, & our relationship seemed to move too fast. Before me, he was single for a year and a half. He is a traveling nurse, and was going to be leaving in September, forcing us to break up then or pursue a long distance relationship.

We had a calm, collected, mature conversation about the break. I asked him to consider working on the relationship together and that I would still give him the time and space he needed. He still wanted the break. I didn't want it. I honestly don't see the point in taking a break. He is going away on vacation for a week this week, and I wouldn't have been seeing him anyway. I didn't want to wait around sad and hopeful in limbo just for him to come back and tell me it was officially over. I didn't get a choice in my last failed relationship, so this time I made the choice for both of us. I didn't want to breakup, but he pushed me toward the only decision that gave me a choice. I figure, I might as well have a jump start on healing instead of prolonging the pain.

We texted a little last night. He told me he thinks he made a mistake, he's hurting and torn, and that he wishes I agreed to the break. I didn't break up with him as a game to make him come back, but now I'm afraid I made the WRONG choice. Help?
You made the right choice — you chose to love yourself more than him
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You made the wrong choice and should have waited it out, especially since you love him
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This is difficult; I don't know
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Wait it out and see if he contacts you. Maybe you can reconcile?
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Tell him you made a mistake
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I broke up with him — was it a mistake?
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