What Should I do in this situation?

I have been in a relationship before 2 years it started in march 2014 and i and my girlfriend went for 1and half years of relationship as we were in long distance relationship its was hard for us but then too we manage to talk on call text etc. but after some problems at her home our conversation was decreasing day by day and suddenly no calls no text nothing. After a year and a half she told me that i am not talking with you because of everyone is always beside me and after year and a half we broke up but i was in love with her and want to spend my whole life with her but for her happiness i haven't said anything to her about the breakup except that i still love her. When in February i was going to attain a function she was in the city so i called and talked to her as a causal friend and she agreed to meet me but when i went to attain the function i called her on the way and she told me she is going out of station and i asked her 4 months ago she told me that she can't be with me because her family has found a guy for her and she can't say anything to her about it and has to accept the guy. I dont think so that she is saying the truth in my heart i am still feeling that she is lying to me dont know why but lying to me. I am still in love with her i tried to move on and trying it from months but still i can't forget her i love her from the core of my heart. I just dont understand what to do should i get her or forget her. i tried to move on but can't do it and anytime when topic comes to her it make me sad and loneliness and just think of killing myself but i can't kill myself as i dont want to punish my parents but i cut myself every-time i remember her for the mistake that i lost her from my life. She has also blocked me everywhere so i can't contact her.
Friends please i need help i really love her i dont want to loose her. i can't die because of her but if i lost her then i will be like zombie i will be death from inside. Please friends help me please i Beg You please help me
What Should I do in this situation?
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