I need him to give me closure?

After not hearing from him for a few weeks I sent a message and he said he was going to call.
He messaged me a few times and then stopped. He never called.
I wrote him a massive message (silly) but explaining why I was upset, because I never got closure, because we went from being in love to not talking so fast and i'm not sure what happened.
This was last night, he never replied.

I really feel like I need closure to move on and so this morning I sent him a message saying "I just want closure, please". I just need it… I don't know what to do?


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  • The sad part is you may never get any closure. My ex never gave me any. She decided after 14+ years, she didn't want to stay married to me. Our divorce became final after we'd been married 15+ years. At the time, I kept a mental jar full of Q's, on a fireplace mantle in my mind. I had hopes I would be able to talk to her and get some answers. Nope. Never did. Just kept asking them and getting nothing.

    A few months later, I started living in the present instead of looking back at what I lost, wishing it never happened. I couldn't change what hapoened. I couldn't stop it. So I decided to just start living my life and going on with who I am and starting my future from that point on.


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  • Been there.

    Instead of closure we still talk, just mega less frequently than we used to.

    But talking less has helped me view him as a friend and not a romantic interest, for sure.

    • But I think i've made too much of a fool of myself now to keep up conversation. I just want him to reply and give me some sort of explanation as to what happened, why we went from being so in love to not in a matter of minutes!

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  • Act like you're completely over him and more than likely he'll come back and try to talk to you


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