What to do when he broke up with me to protect himself? (I know it's long but please help)?

So after two years of being extremely close friends with a guy (talking to each other every day about everything and helping and supporting each other and casually flirting) we started dating for 9 months. He had been in love with me for 2 years but only told me after the first year. Since then he had always told me he loves me and only wants me and has done since the day he met me, etc basically like its from a love story every day.

Dating was great. We had spoken about the future a lot. He told me I inspire him (I'm passionate about my career and dreams) and I've made him a better person.

in all of this previous relationships (he's only been in long term relationships) all of his exes had cheated on him or left him abruptly. He got paranoid I would do the same. Pushing me away so it would hurt him less, I went away and he was convinced I was cheating on him and he said he felt bad for what he was doing but he couldn't help it. I had nearly walked out on him at one point until he fought for me and I saw that he loved me.

Nothing I could do could convince him otherwise, he was adamant that I was going to leave him one day and all of the future we wanted together wouldn't happen. We said we would give it a month and if it went well we would be together again. It was going great until he spoke to his friend and came back saying he wants it to work but he doesn't think it will and it's over. I tried to fight it and we argued and he told me not to contact him or he will delete my number. We are currently in no contact.

Within the space of a week he's written a poem about me being his weakness and began liking my posts but no actual contact. Call me stupid for still wanting this but I am deeply in love with him, do I contact him after one month? Is there a chance he will contact me? We spoke every single day for 3 years. And loved each other for a long time. I'm not willing to move on until I just try one more time. What can I do?


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  • He is VERY insecure. Wait for him to message you. I have a feeling he will.


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  • Wait for him to contact you. If he wants you back he will let you know. How long has it been since you last talked/ texted?

    • A little over a week. As friends we once fell out for four months until he came back so I'm just hopeful he will come back again and sooner!

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