How can I break up with my girlfriend if she does not want to? Please help?

She started crying and I felt terrible and told her never mind.

She also noticed I've been trying to break up with her so she's posting pictures of us on Instagram and I feel bad breaking up with her now.

I do love her but I just want to move on already but I can't break up with her because I feel so bad because of how much she loves me. I'm afraid she'll do something crazy or something.


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  • She's very attached, and some space would be good for her. Tell her you want to take a break instead, that you're still together but you need to focus on a part of your life. Tell her, if she loves you, she'll give you the space you want. Maybe she'll realize its for the best, or maybe you'll realize that you still want to be with her. I know it's a simple answer most of the time, but in my experience, space works wonders for just about any relationship problems. It has a tendency of manifesting what should be manifested in a more natural light.

    Otherwise, you can speak to her friends and family in a mature way and describe the situation and her reaction. Maybe they can help her manage.

  • Grow some balls and just fuckin do it, stop being a coward.

  • Man up tell her to call u when she finds herself.


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