Why would your ad want to be friends woth you after breaking up with you?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me 3 weeks ago. She said it wasn't working out. By the way it was a LDR. She said she wanted to be freinds. I don't understand why she would want to be friends after breaking up with me?


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  • Not really sure what a LDR is. But typically when someone says that, it's for either one of two reasons. Normally, he/she is trying to let you down easy and hoping not to end on bad terms. In other words, they feel that cutting you completely out of their life would be harsh and make the breakup even worse. Or secondly, they want to be in your life but they just don't want to be in a relationship with you. I broke things off with a guy and told him that I didn't mind staying friends with him. I said that because I cared about him as a friend, but I didn't see the relationship going anywhere. He continued being too clingy, so eventually I just let us drift apart by talking to him less and less. But when it comes to a serious relationship, it's not easy to stay friends. My ex and I of two years said that we would stay friends, but it was too painful for both of us. I ended up cutting him off completely because I was going to marry him. I couldn't just turn off those feelings when I saw that he was seeing someone else. Sometimes it's easier just to completely cut them off, and this is especially true if you loved them. It does nothing but torture us when we still care about them. Sometimes we have to think about what is best for ourselves as well.

    • A LDR is a long distant relationship. And my ex said that she wants me In her life. I mean if she wnted to let me go carefully she probably would have done that. Its almost been 4 weeks since the break up. We still tlk everyday.

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    • Sorry to hear that, but good for you. Think of it as blessing in disguise. Better things will come your way!

    • Eh I kinda had a freind she was

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  • Simply because she is still attached to you and wants you around with all the sex/relationship problems, expectations, etc. I speak from experience, and there's nothing else it could be. She likes you as a person but not as a romantic partner. In my very best opinion, you should get away from her for a while. Give her space, focus on you. She'll either realize how much she misses you or move on. Either way, don't let her drag you into the friend zone just for her comfort. Even if you're madly in love, give her space. You can still be friends down the line if things are resolved that way.

    • I asked if she wants space she said no lol.

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    • Just let her go. An indefinite amount of space, without contacting her. If she hits you up, don't reply unless she genuinely appears to want to see you again and hear from you. It'll be hard, but I know from personal experience that its detrimental to be pushy or impatient. Trust me, focus on you. Get a new hobby, work out, hang out with friends, and generally get your mind off her, and if she does reinitiate contact or sees you again, she'll be pleasantly surprised and perhaps even wonder why she broke up with you in the first place. You could still do the same as friends, but frankly, you'd be giving her a level of comfort she can easily abuse.

    • Damn it's gonna be hard to let go.. she always texting me.. I've tried the no contact rule before and she texted me first... I don't know maybe I'll just try to give her some space.. not talk to her for a few days and see Wht happens..

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