Please let me know what you think?

A girl I like have been flirting back and forth over some time now but I'm still unsure if she likes me or if she's just flirting friendly. S what do you think when a girl tells a guy this: «Anyway, this is not an excuse to stop calling the multitude of guys you represent...It is actually an excuse to call you and your alter egos...but, I am happy that it did not translate clearly into that-I do not want to sound desperate.»

Keep in mind that I was teasing her for trying to act cool and not calling me often. (she acts shy around me but I know that she can be kinda flirty with other guys).

Do you think I'm reading too much into it?

guys and girls opinion would be greatly appreciated


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  • Why not just ask her how she feels about you and try to get on the same page?

    • Whenever I tried to bring the subject to the table she quickly talks about something else. Its funny because she would randomly try to make me jealous by talking about some guys to used to hit on her a long time ago but I don't wanna get into those kind of games.

    • Hmmm...honestly in my opinion, it just sounds like she's kind of got you in the "friend" zone. She wants you there so that when no one else is paying attention to her, she can turn to you and know that she's going to be getting the attention she wants because you like her or she's not ready for anything with anyone.... I think you just answered your own question about her - if she's playing games with you, why bother?

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