Why do ex's come back?

My ex broke up with me, then after no contact for 3 months he got back in contact saying he'd made a mistake, really missed me, was sorry, and wanted to get back together, we wernt in the same city at the time so it wasn't about wanting to hook up but it just didn't work out and we went back to no contact. Then 8 months more of no contact he tried again, we have both been in relationships in this time. He said that being in this new relationship showed him how much he messed up ours, how much better our relationship was, that he realized every argument we had was caused by how he was behaving and how if he hadn't have caused our arguments we would still be together and that he still had feelings for me.

I was very wary the second time round as he had tried to get back together with me already but not followed through with it. so i said i saw no point in talking again. he then tried again a week later saying he was really scared of losing me forever and he really wanted to at the very least spend the next couple of months texting as friends till we are in the same city again with the intention of meeting up when we are both back to see how things go. I finally agreed to texting as i still have strong feelings for him and i don't want to close the door on this relationship.

But I don't know whether or not to trust him when he says he still has feelings for me, because although he has been texting me every day its only been 2/3 texts a day sometimes only 1 message. His actions aren't matching his words and i'm not sure why he has come back again after all this time if he isn't going to try


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  • Because they want a backup plan when no one else will fuck them

    • He has absolutely no issue with getting sex, i actually wish he had more of an issue. Its not about sex

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    • how can it be about sex when im not gonna be in the same place as him for 3 months? he physcially cannot have sex with me

    • He wants to know you'll be open to it. Again you're a backup plan. You asked why exes come back and since it's a guy you got your answer and now you want to argue. It isn't out of love or he misses you he misses what's between your legs and wants to be sure he can get it if he ever wants it again

  • After not getting a new girlfriend, he has returned back to u, to use u again. :/ that's bad.

    • he did get a new girlfriend, but they had a really rubbish relationship and argued the whole time, it only lasted 4 months which is what he says made him realise how good ours was

    • I won't give him response, if I were u dudette !

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