Are we over for good?

Long story short my boyfriend of 5 years and me were excited to buy a house. Then he found out he might get made redundant.
He went im a strange mood and told me he didn't know how he felt about me anymore and if he loved me etc. He calmed down then he had a job update on Monday and was cold with me again and said the same. We basically broke up on the phone amd he just didn't say anything at all. I told him to contact me if he wants to chat at any point but sounds like he needs to be on his own for abit. He finds out about his job Friday. Did I do the right thing? I have made it clear I felt we didn't need to break up but he just kept saying "I dunno" and crying. As I think me pestering he is probably making it worse but now I am dealing with a broken heart. I have texted him that night and Tuesday night putting all my cards on the table calmly. I haven't spoken today as without begging I have said all I can say. I am not sure if he genuinely feels this way or if it's job stress, but that's what he needs to work out I think. I feel like I pushed him away but my concern was he was struggling to break up with me and didn't know how to say it. I did make it v clear it's not what I want but I can see he needs space so...

He went into his man cave previously but I am not sure if this is more permanent as I am being ignored.


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