Help! How can I get over a good man?

My ex was a perfect boyfriend. He always spoiled me and never laid his eyes on other girls when we were together, but he dumped me. He said I was too high maintenance. I had been trying to changed it before the breakup and asked for a second chance, but I don't see his coming back. He has already moved on and dating some other hotter girls. I am not trying to get him back anymore, which I know I can't, but it feels like shit and I don't know what to do. I have no friends and no family. I only had him, which is probably one of the reasons that pushed him away.

I want to change myself for better for the next guy, but everything is too hard without him. I am trying to make friends too, but I can't talk about this to new people I meet. They would walk away from this hot mess. Some people have, so I stopped. I feel exhausted trying to pretend I am not a heartbroken person in front of people. I need to talk to someone about my feelings.

I stopped trying making new friends now. I perform badly at work. Cry all the time after I get home. I am not becoming a better person. I am still the same dependent one. It has already been two months but I am still a mess, and I think I am getting fired soon too.

What should I do?
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We had been together for two years. It's so much harder to make friends when you are not in the uni anymore. I lost my old friends because of the ex before this one. I was in such a bad place and this guy saved me. Now, he is gone. I am in the much worse place. I didn't lose a dickhead like I did before. I lost a good man I couldn't keep.
Help! How can I get over a good man?
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