Will a cheating guy change?

Will a cheating guy changes his ways once he finds the girl that he wants to be with for the rest of his life.

for example: I know this guy that is dating this sweet and nice girl & he promised her he will not cheat on her and that he tells her everything he is very honest about everything such as if a ex of his tries to flirt with him he always tells the girl that he loves that his ex tried doing that and he would always call me to tell the girl he loves right away

do that mean a cheating guy can change into a better man with the help of love for a girl that he truly loves and wants to be with the rest of his life?


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  • If he cheated only once and truly regret it then he could change, but be warned: habits have a way of repeating themselves. He might be true while in love, but once the "honeymoon phase" is over, the old habits will begin to tempt him again.

    Another warning is that guys sometimes say things they do not truly mean. They will tell you all these lovely words just to get close to you, so you should pay attention to the little things. E.g. does he cheat on the golf course? Does he cheat while playing card games?

    Nobody's perfect, so a single bad behaviour is not very significant, but if these behaviours repeat themselves frequently then I strongly suggest that you move on.


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  • Well, maybe, until the love of this girl is boring or they start having bumps in the road. Every relationship eventually turns from the sweet flutter of initial love and passion into something different and they also always have rough spots. There is no way a long-term relationship will not have rough spots. So, when those come that is when cheaters tend to start cheating again.

  • I think so...

    My boyfriend only cheated once and it was with our best friend. It wasn't on me (thank God!) but he hasn't cheated since. We are getting married in July and I have full faith in him. Most guys don't change, but there are a few who do. Just keep your eyes open when dealing with a guy like that


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