Alright.. so I'm going on VK to visit my GUY FRIEND and I planned the trip before me and my current boyfriend started dating. Will he breakup with me?

Last night we talked about it, he's been drawing away the past couple days and last night he said he had to leave early... even though its my last night here till I get back. So that was confusing... then I told him I get nervous that he won't/doesn't like me anymore, and he said I dont wanna say something to upset you. I'm like since you just said that tell me whats wrong.

He starts off with I feel like you have a lot of guy friends. I said I only hangout with you
Then he says I feel like you've changed for me, like you used to party and stuff. I said I don't have interest in that anymore!!!

Then we actually get onto the topic of my trip. He hates that I'm going. He says he trusts me. Then he said his sister said blah blah... and I don't think his sister likes me. So that made me nervous that he's listening to his sister advice (she's dated the same guy for 7 years; one guy ever). I asked if he was gunna breakup with me and he said no, but it didn't seem super sincere. How could this one thing ruin our relationship. I told him I'll miss him, and that I'll call all the time... and he just seemed upset.
I texted him later on and he said he doesn't know what to say, it's hard for him to handle. But he wants me to have fun. He said goodnight with a kissy face. Our usual goodnight. Im so confused.


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  • Don't worry about it. There's not much you can do here because you did have this already planned before you started dating. He might be insecure yes, but you can do your best to be there and reassure him. Call or FaceTime/Skype him whenever you can. Make an effort to talk to him as much as you can (but definitely still enjoy your trip!). If he said he wasn't going to break up with you, then you need to trust his word.

  • He is being whiny and manipulative. If he didn't want a g that parties or hangs out with guys he shouldn't have picked you. He shouldn't want to change you and you shouldn't change yourself or your plans for him

    • That's a good point! Do you think he is upset for now or while I'm gone will he consider breaking up with me? He is still texting me, just seems a little down :( I care about him a lot.

    • Maybe but if so then so be it. Otherwise you cancel your trip and he will except you to accommodate everytime he whines. I think this will set a precedent in your relationship either way

    • It's crazy... my flights got cancelled and I requested a refund. Everything happens for a reason people...

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