Should I get over him and try to move on?

so 3 years ago my boyfriend died and I'm still just not ready to get into a relationship again. I know you would think 3 years would be long enough to get over a guy but I'm not. should I try to forget about him and move on?


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  • In your situation I would just take my time. You will always have that piece of your heart there so when you do decide to move on you will always know that he is in your heart. Don't put more on yourself then you need to 3 years may be awhile but a death can take many years and you have to take your own pace and realize what you want before you go any further.


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  • Take as long as you like. My buddy died in a motocycle accident and I still think about him when I ride. There is no right amount of time. Try your best to do other activities and try to pull yourself away from it. Don't think about it by measuring this by time. You'll grow and your views will change overtime. So my best advice is to let it be. Let things run its course and you'll do fine. Don't drain yourself in it its not healthy.


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