Contacted him when in his mancave big mistake?

My boyfriend of 5 years and I broke up on Monday. I am heart broken. All week he has ignored me and I have felt rubbish for it. I am not sure If he will ever speak to me again, five years is a long time.

I was very emotional tonight and kept texting and calling him which I said I wouldn't. Really regret it. He turned his phone off it was that bad.

How do I move on from this? We broke up out the blue on the phone due to a stressful morning so I feel like I haven't had proper closure.


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  • You fucked up. He deserves better than you. Leave him alone and let him find her.

    • His the reason we broke up though...

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    • *lost your shit

      Fuckin phone.

    • Wow you jump to conclusions don't you. We was in the middle of buying a house and he is the one who can't handle stress as he kept flipping with his mood and not sure if he wanted to buy a house which we put an offer in for, but was fine the day before. The reason for him flipping was due to work and he was saying he wasn't sure he if he wanted to be together anymore. I said either way I'd pull out of the house as it wasn't fair on the seller as her mum died. Then I was speaking to him about us and he just kept saying he didn't know what he wanted and wouldn't let me in as he isn't a communicator. So I said did he want to break up as sounded like he needed space to think. I'm not the one who f'ed up.. I tried to just figure out what he wanted as two years ago he went into his man cave and I felt that's what he needed. However men and women act differently and I know he has seen it as a break up and I have been crying all week as five years is a while.

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  • I'm sorry you're going through this.
    Firstly, I would suggest doing some no contact so you can focus on you!! Put down your phone and step away from the send button.
    I would suggest maybe opening an online journal or grab a blank book where you can write like a crazy woman when you feel the need to talk or just empty your brain from time to time. Maybe even write him a letter and NOT send it, just to get your feelings out.
    You need to keep yourself busy!!! Hang out with friends, work out, anything!!
    You also need to try and accept that you may not receive closure. Closure is HUGE for us ladies, and I too know what it feels like to want it. I know it's hard to accept but you will be better off. Also give it time :) we need to heal and focus on ourselves and find our happiness within, not from what someone else brought to our lives. You will eventually get there xx

    • Thanks... It's just really hard. This weekend is going to be the worst bit as used to seeing him all weekend.

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  • just give him some space

    • I don't think it will work on him. Especially since he turned his phone off. Heart breaking.

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    • Yeah well it's a work phone. I have deleted his number as it's the only way to shut me up xx

    • @Deepblue11 probably won't. I expect his told his parents we broke up now too.

  • Block him on everything so you can't contact him. I know it hurts and I know it sucks. But it'll get better with a lot of time. Can you text a friend instead of him when the mood strikes?


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