Do you think my ex will ever come back?

Me and my ex were together for a year and 5 months and he would always break up with me for little things and we would argue a lot. ( he lived 30 minutes away so I could only see him on weekend's). So as time went on we started to do good and then we got into a big argument because I told my friend about how he was ignoring me at his house so he got mad about that and broke up with me so my mom wouldn't let me see him for a while month and during that month he couldn't see me he decided to cheat on me with 3 girls and this was the second time he had cheaten on me but he never had sex with any of them he just messaged them and went places with them. He decided to officially leave me when i got mad about him having to go somewhere with this guy and he said he was tired of all the arguing and so then we had been broken up for 2 days and he had blocked me on social media and everything, so I put this instagram famous dude as my kik name and in my bio to see what he would do and of course he messaged me and asked was I dating him and I said yes wich was a lie but I'm glad I said that because after that he told me all the girls he had been with behind my back and all the lies he had told me while he was cheating. And I cried and cried but I had to get back at him so I told him i had cheated on him also with this one guy that he hates and he got soo mad and texted my mom saying I was his side hoe and he never loved me. Then after that he started dating a girl for a week or 2 and ever since we've broken up we haven't spoke at all and it's been 3 months. I work with his bestfriend and he said that my ex watches my snaps sometimes on his phone and says that I'm so ugly and he even made a sex video and told his friend to show it to me, why would he do that? Ik he loved me because he would cry whenever we were doing bad and he felt that he needed to leave me. And the last night I had saw him he was very sad and was about to cry. So do you think he'll ever come back or no?


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  • Is this a joke?

  • So he cheated and you want him back. Get some self esteem girl


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