Boyfriend of 4 years with 3 kids? Cut ties or Work it out?

I feel as if I'm starting to slip away from my boyfriend of 4 years. I met him in college and everything was great until I got pregnant and moved in with him. He just became this different person that I didn't see myself marrying. Things got better but now i'm the only one supporting us and it's taking a toll on me physically, financially, and emotionally. Every time any of his friends call him up to do something he shoots out the house and doesn't even ask me if I have plans or if I wanted to do anything with him. He constantly spends money he doesn't have (which is my money) to where I can't properly take care of important matters. He only takes interest in me when he wants to have sex. Then there's the days where we actually do hang out and I realized why I fell for him and everything is peachy. Obviously that only last for one day out of the week. We have 3 kids and I'm really really starting not to like him and I'm loosing my connection I first had with him. I'm unhappy most of the time and I just put a smile on my face to face others. So what should i do? Should i hold on or just let it go?
Boyfriend of 4 years with 3 kids? Cut ties or Work it out?
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