Girls, Girls what was this girl thinking?

I was on the way home from work and thus cute girl kept looking at me. Whilst sat with her friend. When we made eye contact it felt kind of strange and made me feel kind of happy. Now I live a very stressful life working in the cut throat industry as a recruiter and also running my own buisness which is also cut throat so I did look kind of worn mentally so may she though I was sad but she kept on looking at me when I wasn't looking. And it made me nervous to make eye contact as she was really cute. As I was looking around I would sneak glances when I though she wasn't looking and she just tried not to smile and look my way abit. But when she got off to go to her car she looked back at me when she walked off. My style is very modern I. e I work out , hair is always blow dried and styled professionally , nice watch , grey suit , smart shoes and always wear make perfumes I have blondish hair and blue eyes. Just wondering what she was thinking from a girls perspective as our eye contact seemed out of the ordinary


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  • You're insecure, bragging, or trolling... Betting on the last 2.

    Well, off chance you're not:

    She was checking you out and flirting. Go up and talk to her.

    • Completely understandable and correct I am insecure yes. I have to ability to attract the girls but get creeped out if they bite back.

    • Just be yourself, whatever that may be.

      She's either going to like you or she won't. That sounds harsh, but it's true. If you act like someone else, it'll have to end eventually.

    • Yh I was hardly looking at her I was just sleepy and hungry lol

  • Maybe she thought you were dangerous so kept an eye out for you.

  • prob thought u were attractive. dont stress :)

    • But why would she look back at me I wanted a last final gaze at her and she was already looking at me lol.

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    • Good , it was kind of weird though how I turned to look and she was looking back at me. Just wondering what she was may be thinking as if I see her again I may say hi lol.

    • Yeah u should

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