Difficult time getting over ex?

My ex and I broke up almost 4 months ago. I thought I would be over her by now, but I'm not. I've played back our last conversation everyday since the break up. Today I finally decided to get rid of the box of things that she had given me over the years (gifts, etc.). As I was throwing it away, I caught a glimpse of an old picture of us, back when we were happy. I started feeling sick, so I quickly threw out the box.
She was the first person who I said "I love you" to. We dated for 4 years, but I didn't feel that she was treating me well - lying and covering it up, breaking her own relationship rules, guilt trips, etc.
I lost a ton of friends in the process, so I don't get invited out as much as before we started dating.
Any advice would be appreciated!
Difficult time getting over ex?
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