How to let go of someone who you thought was a friend?

Reconnected with a girl from a few years ago. Things were well and were close on a physical level did the big romantic night out exchange of l love you as we had a short past history together.

Anyhow after she finished school she decided to leave her past behind and move on. (Former exotic past) She moved back home and started her company and decided to reach out to her since Christmas. Said some postives back and forth then she said she meet a lovley someone.

I thanked her for everthing and said Im happy and proud of you. Week or so later I congradulated her on the new company and said you deserve to be happy and said I have the upmost respect for you.

Respone being please do not contact me and... Blocked. I feel that she went about the whole ordeal without being upfront with me, being secrative.

I should note a while later I decided to send a mesage on a different account stating "If you feel that strongley about your past you should have been upfront and honest with me, as all I ever wanted was your friendship. Take Care".

Thoughts or advice... Thank you in advance im still hurt with this ordeal.
How to let go of someone who you thought was a friend?
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