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well "Jake" and I have been talking for a month already.its going good and were taking it slow.rumors were talked but we over came them, but now I have a bigger problem.a soccer teammate of mine,"Casey", recently bragged how she was in "Jake's" car.at first I didn't care because we weren't officially together but it ticked me off. though "Casey" is my cousin, we dislike each other.today the other teammates told me of her gossip."Jake" told me about her and others being in the car and claimed nothing happened.i wasn't mad at "Jake" that she was in the car but "Casey" because she'd stoop so low and try to hurt me like that.i wanna let go of "Jake" and my relationship because the rumors are just going to keep coming and we might say things we'll regret or do I keep going with the relationship and let "Casey" run her mouth?
I agree witg urbanpunk22. I had the same problem with one of my cousins doing the same thing to me. I suggest you talk to Jake about this and let him know the situation. He won't do anything about it unless you tell him.


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  • well first of all the relationship has to be right for you but you have to remember people will talk no matter what, if you like this guy and want to be with him then do that, as long as your friends no who you are, don't worry about what people say

    then talk to jake about what ya'll can do to avoid rumors, such as him not being alone in his car with other girls

  • Supose you can end the relationship, and find another guy, and she might do the same thing again...


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