Relationship breakup stress?

After 8 months of my breakup I still haven't moved on and I feel worse. The longest we went without speaking was two weeks. But no it's completely done, we spend the night together for the first time two weeks ago since November, it was nice but it was also crazy, we argued was dramatic just one bus mess. After we argued a lot I was annoyed by a lot off things he was SO angry.. Took a few days of arguments and we stopped speaking but the we spoke again had one HUGE argument and for the first time he said he doesn't love me any longer and that the more he got to know me he changed his mind about me., I have no confidence right now I have no passion for anything.. Feel more depressed now than I did when we first broke up , don't know how to deal with this. I think about him everyday and our times the good times. I'm so lost and confused. We had issues about the past and insecurities and misunderstanding it was stressful at times but we had some amazing time too, knowing him 5 years and being together properly for two. I just feel like I'm never going to move on and the idea that he will is killing me. Help? :(
Relationship breakup stress?
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