Is he going to leave?

Husband won't make any future plans or investments. Such as buying a car (we don't have one at the moment), having another child, moving to a bigger place etc. should I be worried?
We can afford these things we have savings


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  • Every married couple should read "His needs, her needs". By Willard Harley. It shows you how to meet his needs and hopefully him yours. I say this because something seems wrong, and you need to get to higher ground quick.

    If I'm wrong, and he is just a tight wad, the book will address that too.

    I personally 3 marriages saved because that book, and dozens that we made stronger. Seriously, read it now.

    • Should I prepare myself for him leaving? What do you mean by higher grounds?

    • No. Just because things are feeling off doesn't mean he is leaving, but it does mean that things aren't where they could be , so get some information, meet each other's needs, he will adore you. read the book and you will understand or go to marriagebuilders. com

What Girls Said 1

  • No, he probably doesn't feel finacially stable enough to make decisions like that, or maybe he's just not desisive, but it doesn't mean he's going to leave you, so why be paranoid.

    • But we do have enough to do these things. He has savings

    • Then maybe he doesn't want to buy a car yet until he knows what he wants, and maybe he doesn't want another child, did you think of that?

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