Me and my ex have been talking again, but then he pulled away again?

My ex cut me out of his life when he went away to uni.
For the last month or some we have BARELY spoken. The other day I decided i wanted some sort of closure and reached out. After saying he would call and then going back and forth trying to make it happen for 2 days we eventually got on the phone and had a nice, casual 45 min convo. Nothing about the relationship was brought up. We have agreed to meet up sometime while he is back for holidays.
He then snap chatted for the next 2days until we both came up as "#1 best friends"

The day after we chatted i was alone in the office and snap chatted. He said "odds you send a nipple" so I said no and thats not appropriate given the nature of our relationship now. Then to be sassy i said "bet you miss it though" he replied with "I miss everything".

Later we were snap chatting at the gym and he said "miss your gym gear"
then when he was out with his friends he actually said "I miss you".

The little yellow heart appeared on our snapchats and since then he has been opening my snaps but not replying. Even when it is the ones he sends to me. He also liked my picture when i was out last night.

He hasn't messaged me or called me at all. I just don't understand that he says these things but then runs away again? it makes no sense, what do i do?


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  • He wants to move on


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