If you wet someone's bed would you stop talking them?

Yes, this happened... I was seeing this guy for a couple months and one time he drank way too much and passed out on my bed. He was snoring really loud so I slept on my couch. Later he comes out with my sheets and asks to use the washing machine. I was speechless!! I didn't want to make him feel worse, but I really did not know what to say!! He cleaned up everything and after a shower we ended up having sex, so he knew I was not that freaked out about it. But, afterwards he stopped talking to me and everyone said it was because he was embarrassed. He didn't seem that embarrassed at the time though is that what it was or maybe something unrelated?


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  • It really is probably because he was embarrassed.

    • Did you ever find out why?

    • Not really, but I did run into him the other night at a bar and he was really drunk (shocker!) and he apologized to me for not talking to me and how dumb and immature he was and I told him I never hated him, etc. It had been so long since I thought about it that I did not think to ask why and didn't want to seem like I cared that much to begin with, but I wish I did ask him what happened so I finally know. But I also still don't care that much anymore, so...

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  • he had sex with you, he is no longer interested in the relationship

    • We had sex plenty of time before that. I love how on this site everyone focuses on that and EVERY time someone has sex that is the reason for failure. LOL!!! There is no doubt in my mind that is not the reason though. But thanks!

    • haha okay I was joking, why don't you try asking him if he is embarrassed about this incident

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  • A lot of guys do this... In general, esoecially at your age I'd say it's because he's an irresponsible drunk than embrassment. It's probably happened to him dozens of times and he's become used to it. But don't count on a drunk to be reliable.

    • Irresponsible when drunk, sure. However, he was only 24, LOL! I mean, yeah, I should've known. Haha! However, no where in this post did I say he drank every day or has an alcohol problem, so that is quite presumptuous.

    • Ahhh, he's 24. I've never known anyone who drank to the point of pissing themselves who wasn't a drunk. And have known dozens who were and fit the description. But 24 vs 34 is a difference. Younger people tend to get hammered more often.

    • When I told friends about it they all knew someone who did that, usually back in college. I did not realize how common it was but yeah, he got pretty ridiculously drunk more than once. The first thing I thought when he did it was that he was a mess that can't hold his alcohol. Also, I was not too shocked considering his age.

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