My boyfriend and I taking a break, but why am I sad if this is what I wanted?

I'm 28 and I was dating my boyfriend for almost 7 months and this is my first relationship. He is such an good man, he's caring, loving thoughtful and truly loves me for who I am but I'm not happy. He tries to do everything he can make me happy cause he doesn't want to lose me and I blame him for my unhappiness. I always try to sabotage the relationship and it's not fair to him and he is sooooo good to me. I guess I don't love myself and I have a lot more to learn about life and myself. Today he took the step and said we should take a break so I can find myself and truly find what I'm looking for and just become friends and he's doing that for me making that sacrifice. So am I crazy or is it the right thing to do?


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  • Sorry but you are indeed crazy. If I were him, I'd move on entirely.

  • Yes you are crazy. You should see a therapist about your issues.


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