Over for good or does he just need space?

It's been two weeks since we have last spoken and since it's all ended. I'm currently in no contact with him and I am giving him space so I don't want to break no contact this early on. We were close friends for 2 years where we told each other everything, spoke 24/7, helped each other, it was a casual flirty friendship. He loved me for those two years and only told me after the first year, to which I rejected him for a year thinking he was joking or rebounding. Long story short I stopped denying there was something there between us from the start and I fell for him too and we dated for 9 months.

We were good together, we made each other laugh and could talk endlessly for hours on end and made each other happy. But we had our issues. He was insecure from his last relationships (been cheated on, ditched etc) and thought I would cheat on him too and that I would not love him in a few years and leave. He also was going through a lot his parents are sick so he has to pay all of the bills and he wants to go to college but he can't because he needs to work a full time job so he was extremely stressed for months working constantly to save. He barely had time for even his friends. I didn't know what to do so naturally I tried to pull him back and try to talk still as I felt ignored with him working, which pushed him more. We were arguing more from his stress.

I know it's currently sounding like it was terrible but before his life got like that we were amazing. And we still even at the end said we only love and want each other, that losing me forever would destroy him, and he doesn't want to find anybody else. We ended it, he said he won't delete my number because he wants to talk again. A day later he wrote a poem about me (has our memories) saying I'm his weakness and he still wants me.

Do we just need space apart? I feel like we need this break right now as three years of constantlu having each other at our age is unhealthy, but I don't want it to be forever.
Over for good or does he just need space?
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