Should I stay or go?

My boyfriend and I have been relatively happy for 9 months but recently he's been doing things that hurt me emotionally. He says he loves me to death and all of that and seems to be very sorry (even cries) when he hurts me. Here's some examples
- Laughed at me when he asked me to dirty talk to him (he's my first so I'm not experienced and he swears he didn't mean it)
- Yelled at me and made me cry when I went to a football game to see my friends when he was asleep
- Tried to break up with me multiple times, then swearing it was his anxiety (he has very bad anxiety) and saying he didn't mean it
He always showers me in gifts and always apologizes and tries to make it up to me but I'm worried about this stuff to keep happening. I'm probably blinded by my love for him so I need some outside opinions.. Help?
Should I stay or go?
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