Should I stay or go?

My boyfriend and I have been relatively happy for 9 months but recently he's been doing things that hurt me emotionally. He says he loves me to death and all of that and seems to be very sorry (even cries) when he hurts me. Here's some examples
- Laughed at me when he asked me to dirty talk to him (he's my first so I'm not experienced and he swears he didn't mean it)
- Yelled at me and made me cry when I went to a football game to see my friends when he was asleep
- Tried to break up with me multiple times, then swearing it was his anxiety (he has very bad anxiety) and saying he didn't mean it
He always showers me in gifts and always apologizes and tries to make it up to me but I'm worried about this stuff to keep happening. I'm probably blinded by my love for him so I need some outside opinions.. Help?


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  • This reminds me of my relationship which ended in March and my boyfriend had anxiety and depression. Is your boyfriend under 22? I'll tell you my experience. I was my boyfriend's first ever real girlfriend. It started off well. He showered me with gifts, he just loved me a lot. Then it started. He told me about his depression & anxiety. I was supportive and blinded. When I would get invited to a party or to go clubbing which was hardly ever he would get mad or sad but whichever way he would end up crying and brining up his depression and anxiety and saying he loves me. In the end I ended up not going out with friends cause I felt guilty of making him cry. I was booking a holiday away with friends this summer and again, he cried, brought up his anxiety, and made me feel guilty and I ended up not going on holiday. I'm 18 just to let you know so going on holiday and clubbing is something I should be experience but again I was deprived of that. He made me feel loved yet trapped, guilty and not good enough for anyone but him. January came and we started arguing a lot, he started to take me for granted such as always on his phone during dinner scrolling through Fb, staring at other girls, he never posted anything on social media about me but posted other girls and he never was affectionate or acted as if we were in a relationship near family of his friends. Not to be stuck up but I was the hot one in he relationship by far. Not that looks count but I didn't understand why he was embarrassed by me near family etc. Let's just say our breakup ended badly however I have learned these few months, do not let a stupid boy determine who you are. Anxiety is a bad thing however don't let it affect you. It's his problem. These young guys and their controlling attitudes need to get help.

    My advise for you is, don't be blinded by gifts etc, they can only keep you happy for so long before you see who he really is. Talk to him about things you don't like and if that doesn't work after a while then he's got to go

    • He's the same age as me, thank you for answering I really appreciate it :) I feel as if I was blinded by it, thank you

    • But don't just leave yet. Talk about it, see if he changes but if it gets worse then honestly he's not the one

  • You're really blinded if you chose to stay. You're in an abusive relationship, and what he does when he hurts you over and over again and then says he's sorry is an abusive behavior. You should take a time for yourself, see what do you really want. If he's really worth the drama. And girl how can you let him fucking yell at you? It's a no no! You tell people how do you want them to treat you, keep let him yell at you and one day he might hit you as well. Don't be blinded by love like this girl, open at least one eye

    • Thank you! I'm just very confused by his actions but I think you've opened up my eyes. Thank you! :)

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