Should I try to win Ex-Girlfriend back?

I have been dating this amazing girl for the past two years. I was planning on asking her to marry me in July. We had a great relationship until March of this year, when I got into a fight with her about her Mother and I broke up with her for 1 day. Her mother treats her like an evil step-child. However, they are very close and I regret saying anything even if I thought I was standing up for her. I am about to finish my graduate program and had been really stressed about school, work and the future. Plus it was the anniversary of my moms death and I get really emotional that time of year. I really did not mean it.

Fast forward to May. I thought everything was going well and that she forgave me fully. I knew she had a problem with me not spending time with her mom and I was planning on asking for her hand and every time I saw her mom and I get nerves. I really did not know if her mom liked. I said that I would do a game night with her family two weeks before the breakup.

On our anniversary is when she broke up with me. We had dinner and i gave her a fitbit in her favorite color. After dinner we did a little shopping for my Dad and then she told me in the car that it was over. She said that she did not want to hold me back. She did not want to move to far away from her family and I was looking for jobs all over the county. She said I did not get along with her mom. She also said though how much she loved me and how I was a great guy.

Needless to say I was shocked and confused. I was going to merry her and the short distance that we had was about to be over. I was even willing to find a job in the area. I did not tell her I was planning on marrying her and I don't think I ever will. I loved her. In that week after the break up she removed my pic from Facebook and official told me it was over because she could not forgive me for March.

Now almost a month after the breakup I want to send her a text. Detailed, telling her how much I love her. Thoughts?

Should I try to win Ex-Girlfriend back?
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