Why did my ex break NC, then go back to NC?

We broke up 5weeks ago. After 3wks he broke NC to say he misses me and is miserable. We talked once or twice over the ensuing three days, but since then nothing. I thought the conversations were productive, and since he messed up, causing me to dump him, I expected him to make more of an effort to get me back. But so far nadda. When we talked he acknowledged he was the reason for our break up, but didn't ask to meet. He also seemed offended that I wasn't as depressed or upset as he seemed to be. ( I am but I refuse to let him see). I made it clear that I don't want to reconcile if things will only be the same, so maybe that is what sent him back to N.C? I am really confused, and I refuse to chase him, but I love him and I hope things will work out. Any insight is appreciated, especially from you men out there.


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  • He wants you horribly, I've done the same thing with my "ex." he has just let you cool off because that's what he knows you need, there are book and everything all over the internet about getting an ax back and 1 rule is to not contact them, but instead let them contact you, and if they don't in a month or so then contact them, act like all is ok with you and that you are ok with the break-up and ask if they wanna meet up sometime and catch up but just as friends...and this goes on...and it also says to take full responsibility...sounds to me like he couldn't take anymore NC...I would definitely at least talk to him and give him another shot, at least see if he's really changed whatever the reason was you broke-up. He's still in, if not more in love with you...Trust me, this dude really wants you in his life. Just talk to him and do a test. I broke no contact all the time, I finally not had contact for two days and it freaking sucks, I'm always picking up the phone and typing, hard as h.e.l.l to hold myself from pressing the send button.

    I hope this helps, if you have any ?s then just ask. BTW would you accept if I friend requested you, I gotta ? I need answered and since we're in the same situation it seems like we could really help each other out here. and I need help bad.

    • Thank you so much for your answer, I hope you're right. I will check for a friend request from you.

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