How do I break up with him?

im thinking about breaking up with my boyfriend cause i've lost interest on him. but i dont want to hurt so what should i do? but i dont want to be with him anymore. so im thinking of a way to break up with him nicely.


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  • Be honest and say the exact reasons why you're breaking up with him and lost interest. Your boyfriend deserves it since y'all shared a deep bond together and y'all hearts got involved. He's gonna be hurt no matter how "gently" you try to fo it because he loves you but you no longer love him. This is how you really break up with him without hurting him because it'll give him closure and peace of mind in the long run (even probably a positive opinion of you when he heals and moves on) as opposed to you trying sugarcoat your reasons to "save his feelings" which would probably just haunt him and give him a negative opinion of you even long after he's moved on


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  • A break up is a break up. If he loves you then there is no nice way to do it. He is going to be heart broken no matter how calmly and nicely you tell him.

  • try to get outside of his range for more then weeks or month.
    otherwise you'll completely broke him.


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