Have I ruined our relationship?

My boyfriend and I have been together on and off the last 2 years (even when we're off we still see each other and havnt been with anyone else). We went on holidays last month and from when we came back he had finished with me again. We've been fighting constantly for the last 2/3 weeks over text but are fine when wever are together. On Friday night my ex (the father of my 2 kids) text me in the early hours (basically looking to call over for sex). This led to me and my boyfriend having another massive row where he told me I had enough of me, my kids and all the bullshit that came with being with me. He told me to fuck off and never speak to him again. So of course I went out with my friends that night, I ended up getting too drunk and sleeping with someone else. My boyfriend arrived to my house the next morning and seen me in bed with this other guy. Needless to say we have been fighting since. Has anyone got any advice as what I can do or have I completely destroyed every chance with him.
Have I ruined our relationship?
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