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So recently my boyfriend and I broke up. We've been through a lot together this past year and some what broke up on mutual terms. Things got ugly a few days later and then we talked then out in person. I feel like I don't want things to be awkward or weird between us. I'm not asking to be best friends or anything by all means. I just don't want to cringed if I see him in the same room as me. He has since then stoped all comunication with me, even when it comes to asking how my kitten is who belongs to him now. Why doesn't he respond am I seriously missing something here.


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  • For many people the best thing to do with an ex is to delete them from your life forget about them and it makes it easier for some to move on.

    I am a lot like that. I don't want friendship or even a casual aquaintance type relationship. I just want your face to be among the rest of the faceless people in the crowd. I would just let him be. He may or may not contact you again when he feels good about place in life without you in it.

    • I understand that. We've been through a lot together this past year and it hurts to be thrown into the black hole of ex's I really want things to be nice between us. Not just another ex

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    • I don't really see why it matters if your a special "ex" or not. It's a failed relationship and most people don't like their failures around them as a constant reminder. It's a fresh break right now I think once your back in the dating game again you won't worry how he decides to think of you.

    • You're probably right

  • It probably wasn't as mutual as you think it was.

    what actually happened?

    • He randomly sent me a text saying he's unable to love me he has some issue and doesn't know what it is and that I deserve a lot better. After a week of not being able to get him to open up Labour it again I realised he was right he didn't respect the way I felt about certain things in our relationship and was quick to always blame me.

    • Sounds like there is a lot more going on then him not wanting to answer a text.

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