I'm definitely going through my first heartbreak and I don't know what to do with myself?

I just need someone to hear me out and maybe help me make sense of this. I don't know what to do with my life right now. I'd appreciate it if you read til the end.

I met a guy in the beginning of the school year, September. he told me he liked me in march (texting) and we started hanging out. I started to like him too after about a week because he was so cute and sweet to me. He would say I'm stunning, beautiful, the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. But this was my first time with a boy. I know this is pretty sad because I'm 17, but that's the truth. I did however like him and wanted to show him, so I let a few things happen which was all I was ready for. I let him hold my waist, my hands. We hugged a lot and that was my comfort zone. obviously I knew that if we stayed together id give him more like maybe a kiss, but I wasn't gonna give him my first kiss after a couple weeks. He'd already gotten so many of my firsts, I was content for now.

Anyways, here comes the heartbreak. I thought things were going great. We'd been hanging out for 2 months and I thought we'd start dating soon But turns out I was wrong. I was on his Instagram by accident yesterday and a girl from another highschool was in his bio and profile pic, like he is in hers. She has a picture of them with their fingers interlocked. They've known eachother a week. So I texted him and he said he's moved on. pretty much what he said was its cause not enough "happened" in our 2 months. I thought things were great but then he just goes and dates a girl he met a week ago. that just makes me wonder if he'll ditch me so fast, how could he have meant all those things he said to me? I feel like dirt. And I know I shouldn't be but I feel guilty that I didn't give him enough when I had the chance. He says he hates me and doesn't know why he ever liked me. I've been crying since this happened. It's 5 AM and I'm crying. I knew it wasn't gonna last forever but I didn't think it would end like this. I miss him.
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And it was blatantly obvious that I liked him. All my friends were stunned by how much affection I was showing him, someone who's never even told a boy she liked them is now letting a guy wrap his arms around he from the back and put his neck on her shoulder. I would hug him around his neck and squeeze him tight. I feel like if he really liked me he would've waited for me. Not only that how can he be so vicious after all he's taken from me. His friends are pissed, they told him he was my first.
I'm definitely going through my first heartbreak and I don't know what to do with myself?
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