Guys, have you ever decided you stopped liking your girlfriend? So u end up breaking up? Did you ever regret your decision and go back to her?

If so did it work or did it fail? How long was the break? And why did you stop liking her?


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  • Most prominent one for me was this girl who was just too clingy. She even showed up at my apartment uninvited. I didn't mind that though, I enjoyed her company.

    However, it got to the point where I was being invited by my male buddies to go drinking and she started giving me ultimatums of whether I want to choose her or going drinking with my buddies, making me choose which one was more important to me, when I had been seeing her for weeks non-stop without any kind of break.

    After she did that several times, I chose to go drinking. She then tried to back out of breaking up with me and said it was okay and I needed a break, but I just had enough at that point. I realized she was kind of psychotic at that point. I tried to break up with her as nicely as I could, but she just wouldn't stop contacting me. I met her a few times to try to console her. I had to be mean and just cut her off, blocked her number, everything.

    And the break up was permanent. I never talked to her again, never saw her again, and never regretted it.

    • Well, I regretted only one thing, that she seemed so brokenhearted over this and I worried about her for a while after. Maybe it's not regret but just felt a bit guilty because I couldn't find a way to end it more nicely than to just be totally cold to her.

    • As to when this happened, I think this was around 11-12 years ago. I still have the picture of her sobbing uncontrollably -- it has become the lasting impression of her in my mind.

    • Thanks for your comment

  • Yes and yes


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