What would YOU class as cheating?

OK guys, another question for you to have a stab at :D


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  • Common Examples:

    1) Talking to your "Best friend" that you find attraction in, with any ulterior motive

    2) Kissing another man/woman on the cheek, among other places (Not european style)

    3) Hugging or caressing one another, other than a simple embrace of friendship

    4) Having a "friend" to fill in the gaps that you don't feel within your own relationship

    5) Talking about cheating on your spouse, or any type of resemblence.

    Examples that DON'T classify for cheating (to me):

    1) Talking with your best friend, as a best friend

    2) Kissing another man/woman on the cheek, as a form of greeting / goodbye

    3) Embracing each other for short periods of time, as a form of greeting / goodbye

    4) Having friends, that you often spend time with but without any form of attraction

    5) Talking about how your spouse frustrates you, to another man or woman.

    Anything that leaves the window of opportunity-for-escalation open, is considered cheating. But when you stop the escalation from occuring, by clarrifying your intentions within your relations with others, then it's not considered cheating because there is no potential to cheat. Without the potential (or the cheating), then there is no worry about cheating, and no way to call it "cheating", "Betrayal", "mistrust", etc..

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Lol your good man you have a lot of good answers I look at your answers a lot you almost never seem to fail to have a good answer

    • Thanks walter I appreciate the feedback. I sent you a friends request, if I can help more in the future- let me know :)

    • Yeah you're really good :) this answer is probably one of the best I've read yet

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  • lol that's a hard one to just answer like that lol an example would really help a lot lol like a question do you think this is cheating ... you know something like that lol

  • anything in which the significant other wouldn't approve... but for me is kissing, flirting w intention, and sex


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  • Cheating, when a person in a relationship physically hooks up with another person. Whether it be drunken, high, or just plain stupidity. When you kiss, have oral or have sex with someone who is not your significant other, that is cheating.

    Dancing at a club, could also be considered cheating, if the person is "aggressive", like "grinding" and what not. But if it is just plain fun then there isn't much to worry about then.

    And everyone always says "once a cheater, always a cheater" but that is not the case for everyone. Some people honestly make a "mistake" and if they show true and genuine remorse for it and you can forgive them and see past it, then you might still be able to salvage your relationship.

    But if a person has cheated multiple times, it's time you kick them to the curb.


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