Will my ex boyfriend come back?

i was w/a guy for 1yr and 3 months. we moved in in Oct 09, and we had little arguments here and there. will 2 weeks ago we had on last argument, he moved me back w/my mom. now the hard part is I have a daughter who is 9yrs old, so that hurt me the most because he promised to be a father figure for her. I've begged and cried to him to take me back one last chance. the reason we would fight was because of my flaws of me liking my body, and me always thinking and asking him if he was upset about something. Last Monday he called me and said he was coming over to talk and he did and he said he just wants to be friends with me. I'm absolutely devastated right now. I have let him know that I love him so much and want to be with him, and have apologized a numerous of times and told him things will be different. I just want to know if I give him time, will he come back. I've never really dealt with a breakup only with my ex husband, but I was done with him. And yes he left me too, but then a couple of weeks he wanted to come back, and I said no... I was single for 2 years and met my current boyfriend so I don't know how to really deal with a situation like this. please answer my question. and I'm 29 yrs old btw.


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  • he made the final decision after HE contacted YOU and told you how it was.its best to move on I know it hurts but uve got to do it for you and your kid.maybe let him know you are completely done and see the reaction.but then uve got to move on no matter how long ot takes

  • well he sounds like he's sacred to take you in with a kid. he still probably really loves you and wants to be with you he is just scared and arguments have made him tense. show him that it will all be alright that you can make it through this together and see what happens. I hope it helps best of luck


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