Why hasn't he contacted me? Should I text him.. what do I say?

Me and my boyfriend decided to take a break a few weeks ago. We were still talking daily and everything was basically normal. Two weeks ago a girl posted a pic of her self on his insta and put her name in his Instagram bio,(according to him she posted this herself) So I asked him about it and he got really defensive and told me it was nothing. So I told him to never talk to me again.. a day later he texted me asking I was really done talking to him.. I replied a few days later and asked about the situation with the girl and he still said it was nothing and he didn't know why she put it up on his insta. So I told him to leave me alone and that we didn't need to talk ever again. He replied saying wow your being so dramatic. Its been two weeks now why hasn't my he contacted me again. Im starting to regret getting so upset cause I don't wanna lose our relationship but I feel like what he did was wrong and he kept lying. Why hasn't he texted me and should I text him if so what should I say?
Also after I asked him about it a second time he took it off his insta
I meant a few days after I confronted him about the picture he took it down and took the name out his bio


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  • 1. He didn't move on.
    2. Even if he did cheat maybe was just to fill the gap and to show strength.
    3. If you want him back the ball is in your court.
    4. You told him not to talk to you again and that what he is going to do cause he thinks you don't want him back.
    5. If you want him back you need to just tell him and he ll be back in minutes.
    6. If you don't if he wanted you he will get miserable and only realize later when it is too late.
    7. Men always celebrate the break up at first and cry later and women always cry first and celebrate later
    8. Don't trust your intuition cause if that was right this site wouldn't be necessary.


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  • If I was you I also would have been really annoyed, if it was the other way round and a guy was posting on your insta surely he would have reacted the same way? Tbh he sounds like a dick by not contacting you in 2 weeks, if he really cared he should message you. I think you need to contact him though because he's obviously not going to message you now it's been so long and he might be waiting for you to message him anyway. You should say that you're sorry for getting really upset but imagine if it was the other way round and it was a guy doing that to you, and say you only got jealous because you care. I think you shouldn't act angry though and blame it all on him (even though he's been an idiot) guys hate this and he might not even reply to that but only you know what you're boyfriend's like and will respond the best to. Good luck, hope everything goes well :)

    • If I text him can I just say hey?

    • yeah say like hey, haven't spoken in a while :) or something along the lines of that, but if i were you i would try and find out what's going on like why he hasn't contacted you

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  • Whoa really really difficult to guest why he hasn't contacted you..

    But maybe.. just maybe.. just a wild guess.. Might have something to do with the fact that you told him to never talk to you EVER AGAIN.


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  • Are you really 25-29?

    You told him not to contact you again. Don't say it if you don't mean it.

    1. Move on
    2. Accept that you f***ed up and apologize (he might be mad though)

    In the future, learn how to communicate. Perhaps say "I want some space" instead of "don't ever contact me again".

  • You told him to leave you alone. That's what he's doing? You got what you wanted.

  • Judging from your story it's quite obvious why he hasn't reached out to you. You've told him not to, he's stated you're being dramatic (huge turn off and shows major insecurity) it's one thing to get angry and say things you don't mean but you've done it twice, and you could have possibly ruined this relationship. I think if you reach out you should apologize for the way you acted and then leave it be. If he wants to contact you after that that's his prerogative, and you have to deal with the waiting game unfortunately to see if he comes around.

  • He's moved on it seems. He's tried of you guys


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