What to do when an ex contacts you?

OK, so basically I was kinda dating this guy for bout 8 month then in January he ended because he didn't have time for me, or feel as if he wasn't a "good" guy and that I "Deserve better" that type of stuff. So I said ok fine. Since then I have never contact him nor has he contacted me.

However, in march 16 he call me but I was on vacation and yesterday I realized it was him and I call him back. IT was kinda awkward, but good to hear from him! I kept the convo short and told him I had to go but he didn't want to get of the phone, but I had to go. right after the text saying that- I like talking to you, it was good to hear from you and he wanted to know I'm ok, and that if I ever need to talk, I can call him anytime. we eventually text a little bit than he call me and we stayed on the phone for 3 hours just talking and reminiscing a little bit and just basically laughing bout everything. I didn't even really talk bout the pasts or the bring up the breakup or get angry with him I was really happy to hear from him. he said he was scared to call me cause he was afraid I wasn't going to answer but I did. he remember the last time we talk was in January and that it been 2 months since, eventually we had to hang up cause our battery was going to die.

What should I do? Is there a reason that he was calling, or was it just to boost his ego? or did he really miss me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I work a full time job, am getting my masters part time, volunteer at two different places, yet I still have time for my girl. That is why I really hate the excuse "I don't have time for you". If we like a women you, we will make time, believe me.

    Sounds like either

    a) he really made a mistake in breaking up with you and wants to restart things

    b) he dated another girl for a bit and is now done with her and you are plan b

    I would say move on cold turkey from this guy, do you really want to hear "I don't have time for you" again in a year?


What Girls Said 1

  • it seems like he genuinely misses you. It actually really sounds like there is still some feelings there on his end anyway . You should ask him what his intentions were calling you ... like was it just to check in to see how you were doing? , was it looking into being friends? or maybe he wants to rekindle your guys's relationship?... To me it sounds like he's still into you...a guy doesn't stay on the phone for 3 hours with you if there isn't any feelings involved...


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