If you can be friends with you ex you either never loved them or you still do, is that true?

It's been two weeks since we broke up and in that time he's written a poem about me being his weakness, liked my posts even though he doesn't follow me, and when I continued to ignore it all, he contacted me to say how well I seem to be doing and how he never had anything good to offer me so I will do better without him, that he misses me and us and our conversations and that he would like to go back to how we were before we began dating, just as friends. It's only been two weeks since we broke up and I stopped contacting him, I asked him to be friends during the break up and he said no. I have now told him to give me space to think and I will contact him in time when I am ready (I'm still hurting and in love with him.) Does he still have feelings for me or does he genuinely just want friendship? We were together for nearly a year and have had a flirty but very close friendship for two more years but he's never had an interest in being friends with an ex before, and I've never wanted to be friends with any of mine as I had no interest in them. Surely you can only miss somebody and be so caught up on them if you have feelings?


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  • Most likely he does. No man is going to be writing poems to a woman just for fun


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