Boyfriend said he just wants to be friends cause his daughter doesn't want us dating. What do I do?

he didn't know if wants me or not because his daughter doesn't want him dating anyone. His daughter would be upset if we were together. He says he doesn't know what is best and he doesn't want to make any type of major decisions and he thought we could just be friends for now. He doesn't know when he will be able to decide and to just give him space and room to breathe.

I told him sure I will give you all the space you need I am not going to waste my time on someone who doesn't think I am worthy and can't decide if I am worth it I will just move on. But thank you for telling me the truth. Wish you luck with everything in your life. Hope you can get everything you want in life. Bye Bye.


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  • Nothing you can do, I think a part of being a good parent is putting your children before everything else, even his own happiness.

    I don't know enough about the situation to know if he could have made it work or not but I don't blame him for what he did.

    He might not be a great partner but at least he is a good dad.

    • He is a great dad by treating the woman he is dating like crap. I don't think so. He should have the balls to stand up for himself and whom he is dating. He is going to let his ex and a 12 year run his damn life. He sees his daughter like once a week so not really. We have been dating for a year and she use to like me in the beginning until his stupid ex turned her against me.

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    • Listen you are more than free to ignore my opinion doesn't matter to me. Yes it does matter how he treats people around him but if you think that he is being a bad father by ending the relationship with you then you are incredibly self centered and delusional.

    • Not at all what I was saying.

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  • Wouldn't she be unhappy no matter whom the girlfriend was? I'll be honest- that's how I was when I was little, when my parents split. But I lived with it. That guy doesn't sound like he's worth it- and you deserve better. If it took that little to sway him, he must have not been very invested in the relationship in the first place. But, if you do really like him, tell in that, and that he can't let them control his life. Other than that, there's not much you can do but move on. Good luck.

    • Yes she is 12 and doesn't seem to want her dad to date anyone not even her mom. He doesn't want to stand up to her or his ex cause he doesn't want to rock the boat. She will give him the silent treatment. She and his ex run his life. I just feel like there will never be a way that the situation is going to end up good for me.

  • You should tell him (kindly, not in an angry manner) that he should not let his ex and daughter get between you and him. His daughter probably is sad that her parents divorced and upset that her father moved on so quickly. She probably wanted her parents to get back together. His wife is probably upset that he moved on quickly too. He at least sounds like a good father. Don't be mad at him. Put yourself in his daughter's shoes. Parents getting divorced, one of the worst things a kid could go through. She probably was hoping her parents would get back together. Hope it could help!

    • He wasn't married. He just had a kid with a woman whom he was dating unplanned when he was young. They haven't dated in 5 years. Her mom is remarried. So the whole things is a bit ridiculous.

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