If a guy is losing interest, how can I reel him back in?

I'm not sure if this is true I think I'm just paranoid.. but say it IS the case, what can I do? Or if he's just bored how can I spark things up again?


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  • Do something that is out of character for you. That will leave him intrigued and wondering what else there is about you that he doesn't know yet

    • Exactly that, do something extreme...I was going through something similiar to this and I did severals things to bring in that WOW factor. Go buy some lingerie and had some professionals pics taken. Or if you want to go simple and sexy dig into what he would like you to do. For example my guy is an ass man and even though I lack in that area I recorded a vid on my phone of just my ass dancing ect, and sent it to him at work and he loved it!!

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