He still has some feelings for me BUT he is single & noncommittal?

We dated for almost 1yr. He acted like a boyfriend; bought presents, met his family, said he loved me.

His ex f-ed him up before me & he said he would NEVER want a girlfriend. But he acted like it, I was happy.

He left for uni (3hrs away). At first he was super cute, but got closer with new people & cut me out. Almost ghosting. He said when he first left for uni that he couldn’t wait to move back & be with me properly.

Recently we started texting a bit, called once & snapchatted heaps. A few days of this & we found time to grab a drink (he was home). It was fun & friendly. No pressure.

He said a few things when meeting (all by him):
- Said he treated me badly, the whole time, not just the end & took me for granted
- He has been sleeping with people. One friend I 'm worried will be something more, but if he’s sleeping with others also then maybe I'm wrong. For the most-part of our ‘relationship’ we were exclusive.
- Said he wanted to be with me but one day realised he couldn't commit & would hurt me if he stayed e. g. cheated. He doesn’t feel like he EVER wants a relationship with ANYONE
- Said he sat there still with feelings, interest & missed me
- Said that none of these new girls are close to what I was, they are just sex.
- Said “we’ll do it again, I know we will”, meaning us or something to do with us.
- He was glad we could sit there after everything, talk & remember happy times.

He texted after saying he had a really good night & put an x.

We snap chatted yesterday but later I messaged & he was distant. I asked if he regretted meeting up & he said “I don’t regret it, I had heaps of fun”. I felt needy, so backed off. Sent him a funny link today, no reply. He’s gone again...

I still mean something, just don’t know what. I want him but know it won’t happen atm with his commitment issues. I hate that he doesn't feel the pull to chat anymore. I want to fix him & be together again!

I will probably see him in a few weeks when our friend is in town.
He still has some feelings for me BUT he is single & noncommittal?
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