Has anyone else had a hard time getting back out there and dating after a bad breakup?

It has been almost a year since me and my ex of a little over a year broke up, this year I have been terrible at dating and keeping interest in one person and talking to people. I've turned down great guys simply because I felt scared or because being in a relationship with someone else just did not feel right to me. I understand being like that for a little bit but I feel like it's been too long for me.


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  • This is common and, for some, the healing xan take years or decades or never.


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  • Omg yes! Preach!

    Literally. I cannot count how many men I've rejected since my ex. I feel like I still love the bastard and it's so hard to move on because he keeps begging for me back.
    But he cheated and even got his ex pregnant. So I just can't get back with him.

    I turned down a guy because he was too good looking. Too. Good. Looking. Lol.
    I'm just grabbing at straws and finding any reason to reject dudes now :/
    Something is wrong with me :(


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  • Yes. 5 months in and I love my ex. He acts like he cares about me and says he has no feelings. I would do anything just to speak to him again and try to fix it because our situation is fixable. It's not even so much rejecting other guys I can't even look at other guys.

  • Feel the same. Fell for a guy in another country and dont know how to handle it. Turned down almost all guys when they wanted to do more than talk because i still love em.


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