Do I come off as intimidating?

Alright, I just want some opinions with this.
I'm 17 years old, I'm 4'11". I know that my height for sure is not intimidating. My friends say I come off intimidating because of how I carry myself and because I have self confidence. The self confidence thing is new to me, but I didn't know having confidence could be an intimidating thing to people. I work a part time job while finishing up high school. Soon I'll be working two part time jobs. One is at a resturaunt and the other is as a CNA. I already know what I want to do after high school so I have my mind set on that. I was recently in a relationship and things were going great. We've been dating for a little over three months and he suddenly ended it. I can tell y'all why it ended... Or at least what he told me why... If it's information that I guess is needed. My friends and family really liked him and he got along great with them. I get along with his friends, family, and even roommate so this came as a shock to me. My friends and family think it could be because I have myself all put together and he might be intimidated by that. He is 20 and I am 17. I don't know if that ages matter, but there they are. This came out of literally nowhere and I'd like some opinions and/or advice. A couple days prior to the break up we had a friend get together at his place and it was perfectly fine and his behavior didn't change at all. Advice and opinions would be great right now. Thanks!


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  • I don't think he broke up with you because he was intimidated. I definitely wouldn't be intimidated because my girlfriend was hard working and had her life together already

  • Its little hard to be intimidated bt person who come below ur dick lol


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