Guys and Girls why is he acting this way?

I was dating this guy for two months, but we got along really well and connected he would tell me he hasn't felt this way in awhile and he even talked about having a baby and was serious odd but anyways i noticed we didn't talk all day everyday he was kind of private and distant, I was always there for him every upset phone call I tried to motivate him and made him feel like he didn't need to give me the world I just needed him etc. After awhile it got worse and I thought maybe he needed space he agreed but said he didn't want to because he didn't want to lose me. I promised I would wait as long as he didn't talk to nobody we agreed and said 3 months was the time period. I gave him a week and tried to check in with a simple text he ignored, a simple call he ignored. Then on snapchat he was some girl he didn't show her but she took a picture of him on his phone. He deleted it later. I am hurt by this and deleted his number etc but I don't know why he would do this and say all these things of him gonna miss me and how im a good girlfriend and give him time. Help please
Guys and Girls why is he acting this way?
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