Guys and Girls why is he acting this way?

I was dating this guy for two months, but we got along really well and connected he would tell me he hasn't felt this way in awhile and he even talked about having a baby and was serious odd but anyways i noticed we didn't talk all day everyday he was kind of private and distant, I was always there for him every upset phone call I tried to motivate him and made him feel like he didn't need to give me the world I just needed him etc. After awhile it got worse and I thought maybe he needed space he agreed but said he didn't want to because he didn't want to lose me. I promised I would wait as long as he didn't talk to nobody we agreed and said 3 months was the time period. I gave him a week and tried to check in with a simple text he ignored, a simple call he ignored. Then on snapchat he was some girl he didn't show her but she took a picture of him on his phone. He deleted it later. I am hurt by this and deleted his number etc but I don't know why he would do this and say all these things of him gonna miss me and how im a good girlfriend and give him time. Help please


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  • Family issues are a big thing. When he has asked for space please give him space. I know you care but when he wants just leave. There is no point in making things bad for him by doing something like this. Just leave him alone. If at the end of the decided time he still doesn't return/ respond then forget him. Sorry.


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  • I think you should talk to him about it and ask him what is going on and tell him that if something happen to make him change so much then you will help him and support him only you can't do that unless you know why he is acting this way.

    • He ignored my calls and texts when I called him that day

    • I guess you could try to go and see him and ask what's up with him. But if you don't feel like that would be a good idea you could just text him saying that you will give him a little space and talk about it after a few days x

  • 2 months isn't a lot of time, my guess would be that he's your typical ass that love bombed you like crazy in the beginning to get what he wanted and then played his pity card to get away. You saying you'll wait for him shows him he can move on and keep the peace between you because he played his pity card, and he can come back when he pleases.
    When he ignores you, this is a major red flag. I wouldn't initiate any contact after attempting the few times you did.
    You shouldn't need to be taking a 3 month break after only 2 months of dating, that's ridiculous. I'd honestly keep your sanity and move on from these games, don't be a doormat waiting for his return. You've said you'd wait around so he really has no reason to run back immediately. Show him you have some self respect and life of your own and you don't wait around for guys that pull this crap. Not worth it honey!

    • Yeah he had really bad family issues he has no job or money and his stuck with his mom and what not. he's 20 and like so he's in a rut so i took that and told him okay i think you need to work on yourself and he said yeah but I know you won't wait whatever it just sucks because I wanted to believe it because he did have a lot of family problems

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