How to react if you see an ex?

i keep seeing her at my hangout spot, i don't know if she knows that is where i hang out. she always walks close to me. i talk to her when she passes by and she did this multiple times. we chat, smile, and hug each other.

she broke up with me in the past, but i keep limited communication with her. we are not in bad terms but not in good terms either.

she kept checking me out when i talk to random women but would look away as i can see from the corner of my eye. i asked her to hang out sometime but she brushed it off. what is her deal?

i want to get back with her but she needs to show some effort.


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  • She is being possessive—she doesn't want any other girls to have you, even though she broke up with you.

    This does not neccessarily mean she wants to get back together—and if she DOES try to, it will be short lived to assauge her jealousy and keep your heart on a leash—she probably doesn't want to get back together, though...

    • She broke up with you, but still has some strings attached... Female indecisiveness. You gotta love it...

    • thanks for your opinion. yea i think she wants me but also doesn't want other girls to have me either. i feel happy with her and happy without her.

    • She feels the exact same way: she feels happy with/without you. Just treat her politely and with respect. She has to accept the decision she's made. You two seem like you need a break for a bit...

  • She doesn't want you but doesn't want anyone else to have you.


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